Private Party - Little Sprouts Preschool

$ 12.00

This is a Private Event created for all the amazing staff of Little Sprouts Preschool!

This lesson breaks down the steps to art in different formats and allows you to understand the 'layering' creative idea. 

When you arrive each table will have different materials laid out for you. You'll begin with selecting your color format and then move from table to table, slowly layering the canvas. 

For your event, you'll be creating with acrylic paint, watercolor gels, stencils, wax gels, mandala stamps, and copper stickers. 

This class is designed to step away from the instructional art classes and allow you to move at your own pace and in your own creative process. 

For this class, our hope is that you'll create a piece that can then be shared at Little Sprouts collectively! 

Date: Thursday, March 7th

Start Time: 7:00pm, but you may arrive as early as 6:40 to find your seat and get settled

Your instructor will be: Becky Yohe