DEC. Portfolio Weds. - Theme: 'Local Landmarks'
DEC. Portfolio Weds. - Theme: 'Local Landmarks'
DEC. Portfolio Weds. - Theme: 'Local Landmarks'
Art Centric Studio

DEC. Portfolio Weds. - Theme: 'Local Landmarks'

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Art Centric Studio offers a Portfolio Program to including 4th - 8th grade students desiring to grow in their knowledge of art. Each month will be themed and we will typically complete one or two projects depending on the length of the month and the students progress. 

For students wishing to build a portfolio for Harrison School of the Arts, this class will work well for them! We will continue to offer a month of portraits, a month of bicycles, and a month of composition and imagination each school year that correlates with the requirements for Harrison. 

If you students has been attending our Tuesday/Thursday programs and fit into this program, we encourage them to move up to this program!

*Your student does not need to be audtitioning for Harrison to enter this class. Just have a desire to strentghen their creative skills*

The size of this class will be kept small at 10-14 students, allowing more one-on-one tutoring and mentoring.

Ages for this group are 8-12yrs. 

Day of the Week: Wednesdays

Dates: Month to Month

Time: 4:00-5:00pm 

Cost: $100.00 includes all supplies for projects, aprons, and art journals with optional daily drawing practice at home. (The $100 reflects 4 lessons in a month. Price will be adjusted through out the semester if there are more/less Wednesdays in that particular month)

Your Instructor will be: Becky Yohe

**NEW** Please note: Art Centric Studio encourages a screen free environment. We value your paid time, so we will be asking all students to leave all technology at the check-in desk upon entrance. This will protect their devices from potential damage, and allow engaged focus. If they need to keep their technology for medical or allergy related purposes, please have them bring a note to the first day of class. Thank you for you help!



DECEMBER Theme: 'Local Landmarks' (3 Classes: November 30th, December 7th, & December 14th)

About: For the month of December, your student will be focusing on (something amazing that we're still lessoning planning for!) and creating a customized project! Project will be designed and created on a 9''x12'' (or larger) paper that they will take home on the last class of the month.

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