Supply List

When attending classes, including Open Studio, we wanted to provide you with a list of supplies that are available for you! These are included in the $10 registration and more materials can be purchased the night of if you choose. 
Available Materials:
Aluminum Foil, Bristol Paper, Cardboard, Coffee Filters, Cardstock, Colored Mixed Media Paper, Paper, Paper Plates, Paper Towels, Watercolor Paper
Available Tools:
Cotton Balls, Craft Sticks, Cups, Fly Swatters, Foam Brushes & Rollers, Marbles, Plastic Scrappers, Spray Bottles, Toothbrushes, Whisks, and several sizes of paintbrushes including 1'' flat, small/medium round, and more!
Available Paints:
Acrylic Paint, Tempura Watercolor Pallets, Watercolor Pallets, Liquid Watercolor, Finger Paint, Spray Liquid Watercolors
Additional Materials: 
If you'd like to use a canvas, they are available to purchase for an additional $5 per canvas. Art Centric Studio typically has canvas in these sizes on hand: 16''x20'', 11''x14'', & 12''x12''. They can be purchased the night of.