Newest addition to our creative classes! 

The studio is now offering 'Processed Art' Classes. This lesson breaks down the steps to art in different formats and allows you to understand the 'layering' creative idea. 

When you arrive each table will have different materials laid out for you. You'll begin with selecting your color format and then move from table to table, slowly layering the canvas. 

Each month we will offer similar steps with different materials, allowing you to get amazingly different results each time. 

This class is designed to step away from the instructional art classes and allow you to move at your own pace and in your own creative process. 

We now have three different canvas sizes as well as well! Be sure to select which option you prefer!

This is a great date night! You are welcome to purchase two seats and create artwork together!

This class is offered once a month, on the third Friday evening during the 'Concord Nights Market' for adults. To register for the Friday class in January, please click on the picture below: