Open Studio


Art Centric Studio is looking forward to offering Open Studio again soon. For now, we will be limiting our classes and contact in the studio. Thank you for your understanding during this time

The artists that work at the studio will be using this time to create artwork for future classes and we'd love to hang out! 

Grab your pens, pencils, paints, markers, canvas, or whatever else you might need to be creative! Whether you've got a million ideas, one, or even none, enjoy coming over to Dixieland and get creating with our Lakeland community. 

If you'd like to utilize the studio's supplies (including markers, pens, pencils, paper, coloring pages, or other minimal materials) there's just a small $5 fee. But no need to register, we'll take care of everything on the night of!

See you soon!






Time: 7-10pm

Ages: 12-82 :) *the studio's portfolio students are more than welcome*

Cost: For this event, we truly value the creatives in this community and would just love everyone to come and enjoy the studio space and being with other creatives. We will have a tip jar at the door if you feel inclined, that would be great! 

**The studio has a bucket sink and water jars you are welcome to use. Any extra supplies, we ask that you bring your own. 

***The resident artists at the studio will be using this night to create new, exciting examples for future classes as well! Come get the first sneak peak!!