For all you Homeschool planners out there, we've got our Spring Semester Outline all set up for you with dates, times, and tentative themes! 

Classes will be open for registration just as soon as we are able! 


Theme: 'O'Keefe Relief'

Art History: Georgia O'Keefe

Dates: Wednesday, Jan. 10th, Thursday, Jan. 11th, & Friday, Jan. 12th


Theme: 'Happy Little Trees'

Art History: Bob Ross

Dates: Wednesday, Feb. 14th, Thursday, Feb. 15th, & Friday, Feb. 16th


Theme: 'String Printing'

Art History: Jackson Pollock

Dates: Wednesday, Mar. 14th, Thursday, Mar. 15th, & Friday, Mar. 12th


Theme: 'Koi Pond'

Art History:  Monet

Dates: Wednesday, Apr. 11th, Thursday, Apr. 12th, & Friday, Apr. 13th


Theme: 'Warhol Prints'

Art History: Andy Warhol

Dates: Wednesday, May 9th, Thursday, May 10th, & Friday, May 11th


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