02/04/22 - 'the Makers Table' KNO
02/04/22 - 'the Makers Table' KNO
02/04/22 - 'the Makers Table' KNO
02/04/22 - 'the Makers Table' KNO
02/04/22 - 'the Makers Table' KNO
02/04/22 - 'the Makers Table' KNO
02/04/22 - 'the Makers Table' KNO
KiDz NiGhT OuT 5:30-8:00pm

02/04/22 - 'the Makers Table' KNO

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   A BRAND NEW KiDz NiGhT OuT for Spring 2022! Kicking off this January, Art Centric Studio is excited to offer additional KiDz NiGhT OuT two Fridays a month!!! We know you parents enjoy an evening away, and so we thought it was high time the kids got a special night too!! Each event we will be offering Pizza and Projects for children ages 6 & up! The classes will be from 5:30-8:00pm and will include a pizza dinner, games, and art & crafts projects!

    The Maker's Table Events were designed with your creative kiddos in mind! The studio will be set up with different projects on FOUR Tables and your students will rotate to each table through-out the event. Of course, we will also be encouraging the 'power of choice' through out these events, so if they want to stay the entire time at a space, they are welcome to do that too

   Yes, we will still have simple instructions for each table, however, instead of working on one painting the entire night, they'll be working in different art subjects, such as printmaking, mixed media, collage, painting, drawing, games, and so much more! 

  Tables offered for this event on February 4th will be: 

Table #1: the Drawing Table - Project: Using real hot wheels for prompts, your students will be tackling perspective with this unique project!

Table #2: the Folding Table Table - Project: Origami lover unite! From basic steps to the super detailed, we'll have projects and papers for all!

Table #3: the Perler Bead Table - Project: Pixel Art designs! Created and then ironed (by one of our instructors)

Table #4: the BONUS TableProject: we're keeping this one a secret :):):)

  It's going to be a FANTASTIC EVENT and we are SO EXCITED for your kiddos to join us!

Date: Friday, February 4th

Time: 5:30-8:00pm

Price: $25 per seat

Ages: 6-14yrs

Your instructor will be: Mrs Cara & Mrs Becky

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***Please note:
- Children are welcome to wear a mask upon entrance and during project time(s).
- All tables and activities will be through cleaned and sanitized throughout the event.